Hello, there! Thank you for wanting to learn more about me.


What I am not: I shy away from a “hit-it-and-quit-it” mentality. I am not hasty. I can’t remember the last time I was “bored.” I am not complacent.

What I am: I am unapologetically unafraid. I radiate with curiosity and a desire to create beautiful, thought-provoking and meticulously-checked work. I am open to always learning new things, talking to new people and exploring new places.

I’m a digital journalist, who currently creates social-friendly and short documentary style news videos for Newsy. I have been featured in online outlets, including, Elephant Journal and Women Under Siege. I feel the most passionate about covering topics like: women’s empowerment, humanitarian efforts and human rights, social issues and slashing misconceptions with well-researched facts and studies. I think I always knew I had a calling to communicate, but found my niche in journalism transpire out of a multimedia high school program and later a B.A. in Public Affairs Journalism from the Ohio State University. While at OSU, I also dived into learning Arabic, a language I adore, and am still mastering. I am based in Chicago, Illinois, but have left my heart in so many other places (I’m looking at you, India). In my free time, I volunteer as an ESL tutor for resettled refugees.

What’s next? I’m about to embark on a new adventure — learning coding. I will be pursuing a curriculum that teaches me full stack front and back-end developing through Northwestern.

My interests: long distance running, dslr and film photography (35mm), indoor gardening, cooking a variety of cuisines and learning languages.

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